Hamlet Restaurant started in the year 2015 in Nevada. At first, both the owners were not sure about the business they would put up – whether it will be successful or not. However, they wanted to do this for a very long time so they followed what they think is right and what will benefit them the most. One of them dreamed of being a chef while the other one dreamed of being a great restaurant manager. These two cousins bonded really well especially with both of their hobbies and passion in life. Eventually, when they became older, they decided to make their own restaurant happen by starting it up from scratch. 

They both pursued their dreams and succeeded in taking the careers they wanted. They knew it won’t be too easy to put up a restaurant as soon as possible so they planned everything thoroughly first and earned money with their careers to invest in this business they wanted. Many people helped them along the way. Some supported them by giving them moral support. Others reached out to them as investors. Big or small, every little help mattered since it boosted their confidence and cemented their will. There were also people who helped them put up this restaurant and that made their dream happen in the form of Hamlet Restaurant in the year 2015. 

This place kept growing up until now. Every time you come to this place, you’d see that the owners, as well as the employees, are constantly happy because many people loved their services. They know that they improved a lot in the past years and were able to provide more great dishes. The restaurant discovered more food they can give the customers so they will be more satisfied and won’t feel limited in the menu. Hamlet Restaurant is happy to improve more and be able to become the restaurant that you can love. We are hoping that many of you will be part of Hamlet’s family! Make sure not to miss out on the products and services we offer.