Hi, Hamlet Restaurant! I want to ask if you have free parking lots in your place.

Hello, thank you for sending us your question. Yes, every Hamlet Restaurant branch has a free parking lot for customers.


Do you have a plan to put up a branch in Arizona?

Hi! Thank you for giving us a message. Yes, the Hamlet Restaurant was able to put up branches in different places to date and now, one of our plans is to actually branch out in Arizona. We want to reach out to the crowd there.


Hello, do you have a menu on the website?

Hi! Yes, we do have our menu given on our website so people could see it anytime they want. Thank you for your message!


Do you accept online orders? If yes, how?

Hello, thank you for messaging us. Yes, we do accept online orders especially if you are near our branches. Just go to the ‘order’ tab on the homepage and send us what you would like for your order. We will deliver it to your house as soon as we can.


Can I still cancel my order?

Hi! Yes, you may cancel your order but only if it isn’t being delivered yet and if it is, we’re afraid we cannot grant such request.


When do you usually open and close your restaurant?

Hello, dear customer. Thank you for sending us your question. We always open our restaurant at 8 am every weekday and 9 am every weekend. The closing hour is always 10 in the evening.


Can I make reservations to your restaurant?

Hello! Yes, you can make reservations by going to the ‘reservations’ tab on this website. Send us a message and tell us when you want to reserve your seat. Please make sure to message from 7 am to 9 pm only.