Kath V. 

This place is so awesome! I always loved discovering different restaurants in different places and I was so thrilled to see Hamlet Restaurant in Nevada. My friends brought me here on our vacation and it was very satisfying. I am so fond of their dishes and the meals they served us. However, it was saddening to know that my visit is just for a few days. I hope they can establish a branch in Chicago soon. 


Dawn S. 

I really, really love Hamlet Restaurant and I could never forget my first experience here. It was fun since the employees and staff are really great in giving services and they are very friendly as well. I’m very contented with their dishes and it was amazing to discover new ones that I never tried before. 


Marsha L. 

For the past years, I’ve seen this restaurant grow and I just want to say that it’s very satisfying to know how much you improved a lot. I was a regular customer for a very long time so I was happy that this place kept improving as time pass by. They added new dishes to the menu without taking away the old ones and that just made them even better. We can always try new food whenever we want and we can always try the original dishes if ever we feel like it. I hope you keep up the good work, Hamlet! 


Jim N. 

Nice service! I’m really amazed by this place and it was really cool discovering this restaurant. I’m very picky when it comes to restaurants though Hamlet Restaurant is one of the best places I’ve loved to visit so far. I hope they keep making new recipes so customers could try many dishes as much as they want. But still, Hamlet, good job!